AM and Vocational Program 9 am-12pm

The vocational program is designed to help participants develop and uphold important work site skills necessary when working at a job. This program will help with the understanding and performance of expected social skills when working, such as proper interaction with other co-workers, as well as expected work site skills, such as understanding and meeting the expectations of the job, timekeeping, and asking for help.  Through the vocational program, the participants will be able to develop an idea of their strengths and weaknesses in the work force.

Staying active is important to being happy and healthy. Participants go to the Northbrook YMCA to exercise with personal trainer Megan by doing fun, physical activities all around the building. Megan leads the group in strength exercises for arms and legs, as well as giving the participants a bit of a cardio workout by moving to music in a studio room!

Plan & Shop
Plan and Shop is designed to provide our participants with the important life skill of purchasing items for their personal use.  The participants will be involved in planning and decision making, budgeting, purchasing, and interacting with store staff to complete a shopping transaction.