Late Afternoon Program 3pm-6pm

Altered Books
Altered Books is an Art Therapy based project that give participants an opportunity to explore a different avenue of expression. We are using hardback books as a safe space for creation in which we can do anything we want. From painting and writing, to ripping and collage there are no limits to the creative expression that takes place in Altered Books.

Art                                                                                                                              Throughout the week the participants are able to express themselves through their artwork.  The participants learn the different techniques and styles there are to art.  Participants share their interests and personalities through the art projects.  Some of our art sessions are taught by our lovely volunteers Sally and Natalie.  Once a week the program is also led by a staff member where the activities focus more on the participants expressing their emotions through art.

Led by Our Place Program Leader Sterling, the participants practice the key parts of basketball such as running, passing, dribbling, and being a good teammate. After working on drills, there’s always time to play three on three games before we all put our hands in the middle and cheer for Our Place.

Bowling is a fun and safe way for our participants to interact with their friends outside of Our Place. Bowling with Our Place gives participants the opportunity to practice expected social skills when out in the community, while also having the opportunity to interact with other community members.  These interactions allow participants to gain confidence and desire to attend bowling independently with friends and family when not with Our Place groups.

Coffee Talk
Participants pick a local coffee shop in the community for a social outing.  We explore unique places in the community and order drinks at a coffee shop.  Participants get the chance to become drink critics which allows them to think about their preferences on topics like the coffee shop’s environment, drink variety, and service.  After this, participants are led into a discussion to compare their experiences.

Collective Sole

We are introducing a new program to Our Place by partnering with Collective SOLE.  Through this program the participants will be able to express themselves in the form of dance. Collectively, we do the following:
S-Synthesize music and movement
O-Open hearts and minds 
L-Link individual creativity with common purpose
E-Empower one another and our audience

Fantasy Sports
A great way to get to know your professional sports team. We’ll focus on the sport of the season – football, baseball, basketball or hockey participants will definitely be in the know! They’ll learn about the teams, which games are being played for that week and will guess on the teams they think will win. It’s a great way to be a part of social conversation at home and in the community

Games with Robin
Robin is a former special education teacher who has been a loyal volunteer for over two years. She visits Our Place on a weekly basis to play a variety of interactive games including her version of The Price is Right: a fun way for participants to form an understanding of the cost of common items.

Happy Hour

This program gives the participants the freedom to choose what they would like at the end of long week. Happy Hour is an important part of practicing social skills in an unstructured setting. It provides participants with a relaxing break from the week and helps them regroup before a busy weekend.

Interactive Games
Interactive game is a great opportunity for the participants to interact with their friends while improving their ability to work effectively within a team setting. Participants are given the choice between certain activities for the program period, exposing them to a new range of activities in an enjoyable way. This program provides a great opportunity for the participants to practice expected social skills while in a fun and safe environment.

Multimedia Expressions 
 YouTube Club and Creative Writing. This new combined program, called Multimedia Expression, involves the participants in the planning of the program, giving them more ownership and responsibility over their choices. Each week, a different participant gets to choose the topic for which the YouTube videos and the creative writing prompts are based.

Therapeutic Movement

Therapeutic Movement allows participants to move in a safe place and express themselves in a calm environment. We explore creative expression through movement, and work on stretching and enhancing muscle tone, recognizing space between each other, and listening and following rhythms and beats.


Top Chef
The Top Chef program allows participants the opportunity to explore their creativity in the kitchen! This program seeks to provide participants with an increased knowledge of health and nutrition to make healthy choices in their lives outside of Our Place. The main topics of discussion include kitchen safety, hygiene, basic kitchen skills, nutrition, portion sizes, and how to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Participants will also exercise their team building and social skills while preparing healthy snacks and meals as a group with their peers. Top Chef is a great way for participants to gain cooking skills and learn about healthy living, all while having a great afternoon with their friends!