Late Afternoon Enrichment Program

Our current late afternoon program, which runs from 3:30-6:00 from Monday to Friday, has a wide range of activity options including basketball, fitness classes, creative writing, bowling, snack club, interactive games, current events, and much more. Our young adults are joined by students from the Transition programs at the local high schools to build social connections, enjoy enriching activities, and continue to practice and improve their social skills.

We are enhancing our late afternoon program so that we are able to provide higher levels of individualized support to participants aged 16 to 21 who are interested in coming to Our Place. These higher levels of available support allow new participants to get comfortable with Our Place at their own pace, while enjoying the wide range of activities we offer. Our experienced staff will provide the support needed to allow participants to continue to develop their social skills while making new friends, and steadily become more comfortable with integrating into larger group settings.

This enrichment program is a great opportunity for participants to continue working on every day skills as well as develop social connections outside of school. Whether a person comes once a week or every day, this program is a wonderful way to experience the opportunities that await and begin the transition into adulthood. Are you ready to begin an enriching experience? Contact Nicole Seidlitz to find out more at (847) 512-4661 or