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Our Featured Article

Participant Newsletters!

NewsletterThe Participant newsletters have arrived online! Every month the participants of our place get to together and produce a newsletter. All of the writing and editing are done by participants and the topics range from programs to poems to pizza to politics. The participants work hard on these newsletters so check them out!

Special OPPS News 1

Special OPPS News 2

Special OPPS News 3

Special OPPS News 4

Special OPPS News 5

 And make sure to stay tuned for more once fall programs start up!

Exciting news

Our Place Featured in the Wilmette Beacon

Our Place Feature Article in Wilmette Beacon 3-15

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2015 Annual Event by Sean Waterbury


A massive event that occurs yearly for Our Place. It raises money for all of our amazing adventures in the years to come at the one and only Our Place. Last year, I went to my first fundraiser event. I discovered that it was one of the biggest events that occur at Our Place and […]

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Senator Biss Visits Our Place

On September 11th, Senator Biss visited Our Place to learn about their new employment program for adults with developmental disabilities. Senator Biss has played a significant role in advancing employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities in Illinois, and Our Place is excited to be part of this initiative.

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The Volunteer Experience

From 16 to 72 years old, our volunteers provide opportunities for participants to practice and improve their social skills. In addition to being great helpers and friends to our participants, volunteering at Our Place is a rewarding experience in itself. What’s it like to volunteer at Our Place?

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